This is the 47th enlargement (28th February 2019) of a website which is not a commercial project, and which has now been running for nine years. The format basically provides analyses of the engines for 'Grand Prix Cars-of-the-Year' (CoY) from 1906 to 2000. This period is sub-divided into 5 Eras:-

As a quick introduction to the site, some visitors may like to view a small selection of the cars listed as "Grand Prix Cars-of-the-Year" (CoY).

This is provided in Note 127

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A charted overview of the entire period of review, extended to 2006, is given here, based on the parameter 'Combined Efficiency' (ECOM) of each engine.

Engine examples currently available and other sections accessible are shown in green in the Contents below.

Combined Efficiency (ECOM) 1906-2006


Combined Efficiency (ECOM) is defined in an Addendum to the
1st Naturally-Aspirated Era (1NA)

The details for the engines are given in Appendix 1 under row 130.

The Contents section below gives links to these Eras and to various general chapters on racing engine design and development.

Recently 4 new Appendices have been added to the site (see Contents):-

Each of these Appendices has associated ILLUSTRATIONS


Visitors should consult CORRECTIONS & ADDITIONS for the latest data on some entries where an index is provided for Engines (P.i) and another for Subjects (P.ii) to help locate changes.


The 37th enlargement added a new section:

  • 'A Century of Grand Prix Engine Weights, 1906 - 2005'.

             Figure 1 from this section is shown below:-
  • Figure 1 from 'Grand Prix Engine Weights'


    The 38th enlargement

    It was thought visitors would be interested in some research into pre-WW2 Brooklands speeds which was undertaken for a special purpose.


    The 39th enlargement

    A comparative analysis has been done on engines ranging from Series Production to Full Racing with a sample of 10 types. This is given in: